Friday, February 17, 2006

Peacock Hackleback

Peacock Hackleback

hook: Dai Riki 075, #10
underbody: .030 or.025 wire
tail: rubber sili-legs, amber/tan
hackle: brown saddle, dry fly
body: peacock herl, twisted into rope

The Peacock Hackleback is tied with dry fly saddle hackle. I like for the hackle to be a little bit longer than the hook gap to keep the goop off the hook. It sorta works. I also clip the hackle along the top of the hook shank so that the fly flips over when it sinks, hook point up.
In most situations I want the fly to get to the bottom pretty quick. But more and more I've landed carp that have taken the fly in the middle of the water column, as it drifts to the bottom. So I now tie flies in two weights; .025 wire (with black thread), and .030 wire (red thread) .
I'm also interested in taking carp that are cruising near the surface in deep water, you need a boat to see these guys but they are definitely out there. I'm thinking that if i present a flotsam weight fly to 'em they'll take it.
I'm looking forward to corresponding with you. Maybe you'll make out to the desert this summer, might show you some spots that will blow your mind. And if you find some water on the Columbia down there that has acres and acres of ankle to waist deep water be sure to let me know

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Anonymous said...

Great looking fly! I'm really excited about trying this one on early Crappie and bedding Bluegills! Keep up the great work on your site!