Monday, May 28, 2007

Speckled Wing Spinner

Flytimes Callibaetis Spinner

hook: TMC 101, #14-#16
tails: nylon bristles
body: gray antron dubbing
wingcase: gray poly-yarn
wing: oversize grizzly hackle

Another Flytimes variation of a Craig Matthews pattern. This imitation can be excellent for sight fishing to cruising trout when there is no specific bug activity. During an actual spinnerfall you better have a fresh spool of 6X and a dozen of these flies.


uncle tim said...

Fine looking fly--perhaps you should take it fishing so we can get a good ole timey story. Haven't had one in a while and missing them.

Flytimes said...

Great idea, I'll see what I can do.

Colin Rich said...

Yeah, your blog has really sucked lately. Tell us a story, old-timey style.

Flytimes said...

The four pillars that hold up this great social experiment known as Flytimes are truth, honesty, integrity and fish I cannot just make up some story just to please some of my more dimwitted readers (that'd be you). I must live my stories before I can share them with my public.

pacres said...

Sweet pattern. Simple clean and effective.