Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lenore Lake, March 19, 06.

Wayne finally took Doryl and I out to his "secret spot" on Lake Lenore. Or at least, at first, we thought he did. After 6hrs of fishing and only 4 fish between the three of us it became apparent that Wayne's "secret spot" was a red herring. Either he's been lying to us about how good this place fishes or he took us to a decoy location so that we don't go to the real "spot" and fish it without him. Either way that Wayne is a crafty SOB

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Camping at Big Pine

Thee and myself spent a couple of days fishing and camping in the Yakima River canyon. The water was ice cold, flowing at ~1300 CFS, and the winds were howlin but we both managed to get into fish. The baetis and the skwalas have begun their emergences, it will only get better in the coming weeks.
The radio reported that a snowstorm blew into the cascades this morning. I drove the Honda Civic this time as it uses half the gas my Jeep does (thanks Bush) and decided that I better skip fishing today and get over the pass as soon as possible. As it was I barely made it over. Coming down the west side was even worse. At one point I had no control over the car and the slush sucked me over to the shoulder. My car kissed the wall bumping me back onto the highway. The hub caps are a little worse for wear but it could have been a lot worse. Good thing I was going slow.
The moral of the story is not to cross the pass in a little Honda, without chains, when chains are required.