Friday, January 19, 2007

Iris Caddis

Flytimes Iris Caddis

Hook: #12-#18 TMC 900BL
Tail: antron, gold
Body: Hare-tron Dubbin, light olive-brown
Wing: crinkled Zelon, tan
Head: Squirrel-SLF Dubbin, amber

Craig Matthew's Iris Caddis is reminiscent of LaFontaine's famous Emergent Sparkle Pupa. Matthews omits the deer hair wing and ties the zelon in as a short wing rather than a shuck that envelops the entire body of the fly. The pattern I tie is something between the two with a longer wing and sometimes, though not in this instance, a short deer hair wing. I also use Matthews' dubbed head, rather than LaFontaine's peacock herl head.
This fly is an awesome imitation of an emerging caddis. I tie it on anytime there is caddis activity on the river and sometimes (the deer hair version) as a searching pattern. The wingless version is also effective when fished as a wet fly on a downstream swing.


Snap said...

That's nice lookin'. I wonder what it looks like when it's all wet? Maybe you could get a small tank and take flicks of your creations as they might appear to trout? Is that asking too much? Sorry, i'm just feeling creative, and I think that would look pretty neat.

Mike said...

That's a nice looking fly wyatt. How do you find those TMC 900BL's? I'm always on the lookout for good quality, reliable barbless hooks for my dries and emergers.

Flytimes said...

Looking through the latest catalogs it looks like the 900BL may be discontinued. I'll look around some of the local shops this week.

Mike said...

Actually, I meant do you find them to be good hooks..!? Reliable hook holds etc..?


Anonymous said...

that's a sweet little fly.
I've been using it since it's initial appearance.

Flytimes said...

Right. It's a good hook, pretty much the same thing as the TMC100, slightly wider gape. Seems to work well enough.

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