Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Kraken

Baby Crawdad?

Dragonfly Nymph?

Hook: Dai Riki 710, #8
Weight: .030 lead wire, ten wraps on back half of hook shank
Abdomen: dubbing loop of bunny fur, palmered forward over lead wrap
Eyes: medium black chain eyes
Wings: orange crystal flash
Thorax: brown antron dubbing
Head: brown antron dubbing.

I fish this fly on a full sink line in stillwaters to imitate a dragonfly nymph or small crawdad.
I've tied a few in a light varient and plan on testing it out on the carp flats later this season.


Ulyssess Chamberlain Rockefeller said...

I like that old timey bug; it's both honky and tonk

john montana said...

oh, i think the carp will like this bug...nice work...

Rick Passek said...

Man the trout here in BC Canada would LOVE that fly.

I tie a similar bug, but this one looks beautiful. Great job.

Rick (The flyfish Fanatic)