Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tying Journal 12/15/04

Last night I tied up a half dozen Dirk Digglers:

Hook: #700 Dai-Riki, 1x strong, 4x long, streamer hook, #2-#10
Head: Nickle conehead and tung
Tail: Marabou, white
Hackle: Grizzly
Body: New age chenille, white

Put the conehead on then slip the tungsten bead in behind it. The rest of the tie is pretty staight forward.

This morning I tied up twenty #18 poly wing duns:

Hook: Tiemco 101, #18-#22
Thread: Rusty dun, 8/0
Tail: Micro-fibbets, dun
Body: Super Fine, gray olove
Wings: 1/3 strand of polypro yarn, gray dun

The important thing for this pattern is the wings. They have to be upright and slightly divided. The best way to get the wings right is to tie them in spinner-wing style. Then, with dubbed thread, make a couple of figure 8's between the wings, next make figure 8 wraps around the base (outside) of the wings. Also be carefull not to cut the wings too short. Tying the other parts of the pattern is pretty simple.

The Diggler has been a great streamer for me this year. It's caught browns out of the Madison in the Park, 'bows from rocky ford and Dollies from the Devil River and Rocky Creek.
The Poly-wing dun did real well on the Yak this fall. I used a #20 pattern during the baetis haches with great success. I really wish that I would have had this one on the Firehole River in September/October. This should be a great PMD imitation too.

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