Monday, June 20, 2005


One of my carpin' buddies and I scoped out a potential carp flat yesterday. Unfortuantely it wasn't much of a flat and there weren't many carp.
There were however some smallmouth bass and they saved the day. The trick was to find these dark spots on the bottom. Sometimes you would be able to see a bass hovering over one of these dark spots and sometimes you wouldn't see a bass. The idea is to cast a clouser minnow to one of these dark spots on the bottom of the lake in hopes that a bass, seen or unseen, would eat it.
It worked out pretty good as my buddy and I hooked well over a dozen of these basss and landing 10-12 between us. They went from 1.5 to 3lbs, 12-18 inches a piece most of them were right around 15 inches and 2lbs.
So when you're out basssin' look for dark spots on the lake bottom. Bass like to hang out there.

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