Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Delta

Looking down from the bank I could see good numbers of fish feeding in the shallow brown water. I thought for a time about fishing somewhere else, some place with clear water. Then I looked down again and saw multiple dark shapes in the water. Good enough, I walked back to my rig and strung up my rod. I didn't come all the way out here just to turn around. Nosur! I came out here to catch some capr and put to rest the rumors I've been hearing about The Delta.
Once down on the water I walked along the edge looking for feeding carp. They were visible only in a foot or less of water. Often times I could only see there tails, the rest of their bodies disappeared into the muddy murk. It soon became apparent that it wasn't hard to find fish but it was next to impossible to see if the fish found my fly.
Stalking capr on the flats is more about hunting than it is fishing. The fish are big and they do fight like hell but the big thrill is the visual aspect of finding capr and seeing them take your fly.
Normally when a capr takes the fly you see it happen. You migh see the tail tip up, the body twist, gills puff, lips pook or some anomalous action on the fish's part that might indicate that it is trying to eat your fly. Sometimes if the capr is hovering in the vicinity of my fly for too long I set the hook assuming that I somehow didn't see him take the fly. The blind set is questionable if not effective method as it does result in some foul hooking.
Alas the blind set method is all I had to rely on given the water conditions I had no hope of seeing a tip, twist, puff, et al. Out of all the fish I cast to I landed only two, an 8 lb mirror capr and a 10 lb common carp. Both fish took a rusty hackle-back.
So if you too have heard rumors about the Crab Creek Delta and its multitude of giant capr let me tell you, they aint rumors. There are lots of capr there and some of them are really big. They like to feed close to shore and you can get real close to 'em. The water might get a bit muddy though and you might not be able to see everything you need to. But remember this, if anyone ask you where a good place to go caprin' is send 'em out to The Delta.


Anonymous said...

So let me understand this - you are or aren't ashamed you fish for carp?

I'm wondering because you continue to spell carp as "capr" - is this so the search engines won't find your sight when someone searches the words "fishing" "for" "carp" ??

K and/or J said...

Awesome. No shame in 'capring!' :)

I have a friend (not me, of course ;) ) who is on a quest to capture ol scaly himself. Appreciate your info!