Monday, June 26, 2006

Thee Trouthole and 10lbs of Rod Breaking Fury

Carp On The Fly

Thee Originoo Trouthole from AHW had a banner day on the carp flats until he broke his beloved Birkenheimer 6/7/8.
"I prolly landed at least 7 carp today. If only I'd been using a Rodd Karp Carp Rod, they're new this year and already the serious carpers are casting them"

Speaking of Rodd Karp here he is beta testing one of his new designs, the Capr Taper.

Carp Flats

Our close personal friend Mario Batali alway says, " Don't fish like an asshole." I must have fished like an asshole all day long because I didn't land a single carp. Thanks for the advice Mario.


Anonymous said...

Rodd Karp Carp Rods are tha shiz.

MN Justin said...

Great fish.

Get rid of the boga grip though...