Thursday, June 15, 2006

They're Fired!

This morning I closed down the Weather Office here at Flytimes. They're last prediction was dead wrong so I fired the entire staff. "This spring time pattern we've been in is on its way out. That translates to hot and sunny days out in the desert." That was over a week ago and the same damn clouds are casting the same damn shadows over every carp flat in Eastern Washington, grrrr.
Other than a new group of links under the "reports" header on the side column there is really nothing new to see here.
Fortunately there are some folks out there that do have something worthwhile to say...

Trout Underground is currently my fav blog. Every post is golden but I really dug this nugget from last Thursday, .

Moldy Chum always has the latest and greatest in fly fishing related news, sports and entertainment.

Whether you're planning a trip to Yellowstone or just dreaming about it take a look at the Fly Fish Yellowstone blog, it's chock full of Yellowstoney goodness.

Last but not quite least on my list of must read blogs is Ass Hooked Whitey, the best gossip column in all of fly fishing. Classic AHW.

Between the cloudy weather and Mrs. Flytimes long list of chores it looks like Monday and Tuesday are the earliest I'll be able to get out to the flats. Stay tuned.

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