Friday, September 08, 2006

The Dawn Patrol

Fly Fishing in Puget Sound

"Muster the troops and organize the Dawn Patrol!"
Capt. Trouthole, Thee Commander West Seattle Fly Fishing Auxiliary.

AHW and myself hit the beach early yesterday morning. The outgoing tide formed a rip about 200ft off-shore, concentrating the bait and salmon well out of casting range.
After nearly two hours Thee Commander ordered a tactical retreat.
"We're capered out boys, and these fishes aint shinin' on our loores so lets get thee skunkin over with and fish another morn!"
And so the Dawn Patrol melted back into the treeline knowing that they would return to fish another day.
The End


Trout Underground said...

Is AHW as weird in person as he is on his blog? (Mind you, I mean "weird" in the best possible sense, realizing AHW might be armed and all.)

Flytimes said...

You have no idea.