Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dozens of Trouts

Lamar River Valley Above Soda Butte Creek

At noon Thee Sven and I stood at the parking lot end of the 3.3 mile trail into Cache creek. Not exactly an alpine start so we had to go fast and light; rod, reel, small box with assortment of dries, tippet, coat, boots, waders, one water bottle and a chocolate bar.
Half way into the hike we started up the only hill on the trail. It didn't appear to be much of a grade so I kept the pace up as if we were still on flat ground. Seven false summits later it became apparent that I should slow down a little, save some for the hike out. 'ol Sven caught up with me just before the top. From there it was a short downhill to the creek where we dropped our rucks had quick snack and strung up our rods.
Sven got into fish right away. He was using a parachute hopper so I tied on my Jimmy Legs Hopper. When those cutts get selective you better have something, anything, big and hairy on the end of your line.
A couple of hours later there was an actual hatch, complete with big mayflies and rising fish. I always get into the spirit of things like this. I tied on the one fly that loosely resembles a mayfly yet maintains the strict "big and hairy" protocol one tries to follow in cutthroat country, the Parachute Hare's Ear.
I caught my two biggest fish of the day on that parachute, 14 and 15 inches, both Yellowstone Cutts. I landed a few rainbows too but most of the dozens of fish that Sven and I caught were cutts.


opax said...

Sounds good... Like a thing we usually only dream about.

Trout Underground said...

Ah yes, the Hare's Ear Parachute. The official "big and hairy" parachute of the Trout Underground.

Is there any place its rough-and-tumble good looks don't attract trout? I think not...