Monday, October 16, 2006

Lower Meadows

Slough Creek

The sign at the turnoff told us that the campground was full but we drove the two extra miles to check for ourselves, had too.
Yup full. Plan B, head out the NE Entrance and get a motel room. Half way there we drove past a perfectly good campground that, for some reason, the Park Service closed that very day. Brilliant.
Booked a room in Siver Gate. Down the road in Cooke City we got into our cups.
The next morning found Me and Sven canvasing the Sough Creek Campground. "Are you leaving today? No?! Okay." Repeat as necessary.
We ended up next to the site we stayed in last year, not so bad. Set up our camp in near record time. Rodded up, wadered up and surrounded by great trout water Sven and I went downstream to work the big pools.
Those trouts in Slough Creek are notoriously finicky about dry flies yet have few (if any) reservations about big streamers. "Would you like some bunny with that fly Mr. Cuttbow? Okay here you go. Nggh nghh nghhh!"

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I really do like the way you tell a story.