Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Technical Difficulty

So I switched over to new and improved version of Blogger, "Blogger beta." Turns out that the "beta" gimmick is all about Google consolidating their internet empire and not a lot about making Blogger any better. During the transfer most of the links on the sidebar were lost. I'll get those links back up there and maybe even post some new stuff in the next couple of days.
Thanks for your patience,


opax said...

I started using beta blogger during the summer. I have had problems mainly with RSS/Atom feeds. Until this week I thought that problems were gone. Not so. It seems that they are rebuilding the posting functionality and currently Compose mode (wysiwyg editor) is gone.

What is better in blogger beta is the Labels (aka categories).

Flytimes said...

Apparently change is goo, it'll just take some getting used to.