Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Miss Flytimes and The World's Smallest Fly Shop

Yellowstone Troutfitters

Here's a pic of Miss Flytimes settin' in front of Yellowstone Troutfitters in Red Lodge, Montana. Its a great little shop. There's a little bit of everything an angler might need and (more importantly) none of the crap-ola that more and more shops are trying to unload on us these days.


Anonymous said...

How did a dork like you get a fine lookin' Scandahoovian like Mrs WT?

Flytimes said...

I gots the mad skillz.
W(to the mf'n)T

Brookwookie said...

She must be high on goofballs or meteor dust or otherwise impared.

Flytimes said...

Lightning drops.