Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Carp

Is there a more traditional Christmas meal than fresh caught wild carp from Moses Lake, WA? I don't think so. Pikes Place Market is the only place in Seattle to procure this epicurean delight. Check your local fish monger to see if he'll be offering carp for next year's holiday feast. Ask now before its too late!

Things are getting back to normal here at Flytimes World Headquarters. Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of concern for our safety here. It is my understanding that some folks thought that the photo from my last post really was the world headquarters of Flytimes. I apologize for the ruse but, for security reasons, I could never post a picture of the actual Flytimes World Headquaters on the internets. I'm sure that you all understand.

I've been invited by Mike over at the Tamanawis blog to share five things about myself so here we go.

#1: My mantra is "Yummm."
#2: Though I have spent my adult years defending liberty then saving lives and property I consider my life's work to be fly fishing.
#3: I am very humble. Just ask me.
#4: I only read three or four books a year but I do tend to go in for the science fiction. Big fan of Alistair Reynolds.
#5: I have limited writing skills and am a marginal photographer but I really dig this bloggin' thing so bear with me.

Thanks for watching folks and be sure to tune into our next episode.
Until then keep your carp on the ice.


Uncle Tim said...

Security reason!!What a crock of shit, though I am glad the Mrs. Flytimes office didn't suffer any damage.As for the list well----2 outta 5 isn't bad.

Snap said...

Glad to see ya back, dirty.