Monday, December 04, 2006

Contest Winner Chooses Carp Flies!

Carp Flies

Creeklover took it easy on me and chose 6 Peacock Hacklebacks and 6 Yellow Carp Flies for his prize. Both patterns were easy to tie and will catch the hell out of carp. Enjoy the flies Creeky and thanks for not chosing the Woolhead Sculpins. They'll go out in tomorrow's mail.


thee trouthole said...

this is fucking bullshit, wt.

john montana said...

I think you should send me some of those sweet looking carp patterns...I'll let you know when I think of a reason.

Ed. said...

That's it. I'm catching a carp next summer. I know where there are some, I come across them while smallmouth fishing. Spent some time on John's site reading about it, looks like fun.

jag said...

what is your recipe for the yellow carp fly?

Flytimes said...

Hook: #8-#10 Dai Riki 075 wet fly hook
Eyes: Small or Med gold bead chain
Underbody: .015 lead-free wire
Tail: 3 strands yellow crystal flash
Body: Bright yellow dubbing
Wing: 4 strands yellow super floss

jag said...