Monday, January 29, 2007

Fly Tying Masters

Pink Jiggly

Lately there has been some interest in WT's Original Old Timey Flytimes Flies. First of all let me say that I'm flattered that my readers see how much hard work and dedication I put into each bug. But more importantly I am proud to announce that I will be offering a limited amount of my Original Old Timey Flytimes Flies for sale. Of course these collectible flies are not for everyone. My flies are only for the select few anglers with the kind of discerning taste that can palate my sparsely dressed and tastefully appointed flies.

"How much WT?!"

Good question reader. When it comes to tying flies I'm no Randall Kaufmann but I do tie at least half as good as he does. In fact just to keep it simple we'll say that I am exactly half as good a tier that Randall is. Therefore I am going to offer WT's (that's me) Original Old Timey Flytimes Flies at excactly half the rate Randall himself would sell them for.

"But you and Randall don't tie the same flies WT!"

Of course we don't, my flies will cost half as much as they would if Randal did tie them. It goes like this (pay attention son).

Dry Flies - $22.50
Sculpty the Sculpin - $25.00
Carp Flies - $37.50
Saltwater Flies - $25.00

Minimum order is $100.00 just like on Randall's site. Place your orders before I am as good as he is.


mr blur said...

so yer flies are special?
is that it?

Flytimes said...

"It's a joke, son."
Foghorn Leghorn

Uncle tim said...

SOOOO--supposin' that a guy owes somebody something and happens to forgets about it--is it legal to request he substitute flies? Kinda like the ole timey barter system.

Flytimes said...

"SOOOO--supposin' that a guy owes somebody something and happens to forgets about it"

That would never happen.

opax said...

Do I get a discount if I take ten dozen of those fine dry flies? Free shipping? Anything? I can add an ad to my marvelous blog. $18/fly?

nick said...

I'm pretty sure Sculpty the Sculpin mugged me just south of 8 mile on Gratiot about seven years ago.

Flytimes said...

Sculpty used to be a part time roady for Bob Segar so it's possible. These days, when he's not fishing, he manages a travelling road show and petting zoo.

thee trouthole said...

thank cripes i am thee beta tester!

them flies, they is worth is boys!

pony up!

Ethan said...

I think colorless flies are good stuff!