Friday, January 19, 2007

Mail Call

#4: Blue Ribbon Flies - Not only does Blue Ribbon have one the best flyshops in the West they put out quality catalog. Not a lot of bells and whistles here just the highest quality materials available in mail order. Good stuff.

#5: L.L. Bean - A lot like Orvis but better. They're offering a little bit of everything including a square-stern canoe thats coated in stealth paint. I like to think that there is room in the Flytimes Fleet for a stealth canoe.

Edit 1/20/07

#6: Sierra Trading Post - Have you been wondering where all the Sage XP's went? Sierra Trading post has every last one of 'em. Use the link on Tom's Trout Underground if you order one.
There's a few other deals but most of the stuff end's up at Sierra Trading Post for a reason.

#7: The Fly Shop - The Grand-Daddy of them all. Now published in magazine format in order to fit in all sorts of fly fishy goodness. The best part of this catalog is that there are more pictures of unique and original flies here than in any other piece of junk mail ever. There's also a great selection of rods, reels, fly lines, guided trips and fly fishing travel destinations. Basic stuff in any fly fishing flyer these days but fellers at the Fly Shop put together the sharpest looking catalog in the biz.

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