Monday, January 01, 2007

Redux: Those Cheeky Brits and their Scottish Neigbours...

Bob's Bits

Those Cheeky Brits and their Scottish Neigbours come up with the best names for their flies. Here's a sampling.

Wee Double - Thee Trouthole always orders a "wee double," then he oders two more.
Zulu - I'm guessing its black.
Dog Nobbler - A chum fly?
Butcher - Like in that movie "Hostel"
Camasunary Killer - More gore from the folks brought us Jack the Ripper.
Tash Bung Fly - ???
Carp Biscuit - Like a Scooby Snack.
Booby - Not as cool as you would think.
Coch-y-Bonddu - I think that it's like a cockroach.
Willie Gunn - He's a groundskeeper.
Goat's Toe - It's a Pagan thing.
Hairy Mary - Old school.

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