Monday, February 05, 2007

Badasss Black Blogs

Is there a correlation between Thee Originoo Trouthole's Ass Hooked Whitey and the recent spate of other black handed fly fishing blogs? Has AHW gone forth and multiplied, polluting the blogosphere with his spawn? Should I dip my computer in a 10:1 bleach solution before visting other fly fishing blogs to avoid spreading some of that "badass lierary style" as if it were so many mud snails? Sadly it appears to be too late.
No colors any more...
Voluntary Beatdown
Sir Jackson Throws Pretty Loops
Teh Windknot's Garden of Earthly Delights
Wet Boots
Chasing Silver
Rotten Spawn Sacs, Tattered Flies And Leaky Waders


Salty said...

That's alright, your pastel blue is ok with the ladies

Flytimes said...

Dude, its Mako Blue. The CIA uses sharks for black op kill missions. Nine times out of ten they use mako sharks. THAT'S BADASS!

matt_stansberry said...

Blue is where it's at -- at least on my end. But I couldn't see Bacon_to_Fry and rest using it. Black is a good fit for nasty steelheading lore.

Sir Jackson said...

Johnny Cash is my father. Would you use anything else if he was your father?

Salty said...

steelheading does seem to be a black art.

Are they at least ill tempered makos?

Anonymous said...

black, yes.

art, sorta. stupid good art. like the kinda stuff you gotta real, genuine feeling is good, but it's still stupid. and can't quite understand why.

that just makes you feel stupider.