Thursday, June 21, 2007

Basss Country

Seep Lakes

After a day on the Flats of Capr I drove another 40 miles into the desert for some more of that basss action.
The cool thing about bass is that they eat surface flies; poppers, sliders, frogs, mice, whatever. Toss your bug into the weeds and give it some action, or not. The basss will know what to do.
There are at least five different ways a basss will take a surface bug; The Sip, The Slurp, The Slash, The Gulp and The explosion. I like the all out fury of The Explosion best but the slurp is cool too cuz sometimes the biggest fish can make the smallest sips. Basss are all about suprises.
The carp flats didn't dissapoint either. Visibility was tough at times, clouds over the flats aren't a good thing. The water was still cool and some of the capr were still in spawning mode. Things should shape up nicely in the next week or two.
Conditions aside I landed almost a dozen. The first few were foul hooked though. I'm always a little twitchy on the trigger the first time out.


Snap said...

Don't ever call it 'copy' again.

Totally serious.

Make up a new word or something, but stop diminishing this corner of your world by applying bullshit labels that don't mean anything to everyone who isn't in 'the business'.

Oh, and keep up the good werk.

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