Monday, July 09, 2007

Capr On A Rising Tide: or A Gentleman's Carp Fishing Primer

Despite constantly rising water Ken and I managed to catch arm loads of capr and smallmouth basss.
I landed three noteworthy smallies; 3 lbs, 4 lbs and 4.5 lbs. Ken caught, broke off a huge smallmouth. I guess we'll never know how big it was. Serious carpers consider the smallmouth bass to be the whitefish of the flats but I think they're kinda fun. Some people even fish for them on purpose.
It took the better part of the day to find feeding capr but when we did Ken broke off four of 'em. They were tailing and mudding over the top of the flooded road bed/gravel bar we call The Reef. Me and Ken spent the last two hours of the day out there wading through a quater mile of Grand Coulee Koi.
When Ken figured out his place in the order of things he started to catch capr. By the end of the day he had brought 4 to hand, typical for a freshman carper under my tutorage.
Good times... good times. We were doubled up twice. I Boga'd 8 or 9 of 'em before the winds came up. The biggest capr weighed in a t 14.5 lbs. Fly in the kissa, every time. The first whitecaps rolled in around 5 o'clock, the winds were full on nuclear fifteen minutes later. A good time to leave the flats.


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