Thursday, August 09, 2007

Your 4 seconds of fame are up.

This was supposed to be a snapshot but our friend Snapdad was having technical difficulties. Crank the volume and you'll completely understand.
Anyhoo... here's Asshooked with a salmon from the beach.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

that is one super badass headmuff.

tyler mcmahon said...

Hi there. My name is Tyler McMahon and I am editing a fishing anthology. I'm writing to ask if you could share the following announcement with the readers of your blog. Thanks for your consideration.

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Attention Fishermen: Do you have a story about the one that got away? Or a story about a fishing related calamity such as: going overboard, sinking your boat, getting attacked by the thing you caught, getting lost or stranded in the water, getting pranked by buddies, having horrid luck, or some other comical or terrible disaster? Casagrande Press wants your story for a new book. The press looks for stories that tell a good tale, develop the depth of the characters involved, and have a tight narrative tension. There is no fee or cost to submit a story. Previously published stories accepted. Author will retain the copyright to their story if we choose it for publication. Writers paid upon publication.

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Taking submissions now through April 15th, 2008.
Please contact me if you need any additional information.

Tyler McMahon
Editor, Casagrande Press

Colin Rich said...

Hey Tyler. My favorite prank is the ol' beer cap in the waders trick. Really funny.

I see t-hole is getting his hippie on.

thee trouthole said...

comical fly fishing story? that fish is about to die, son.

1-6-9 per cent