Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hey look its an internet magazine about fly fishing.
These things have come and gone over the years but I think that This is Fly is here to stay. It might even change the way we see our sport.
How do you jump into a new medium while maintaining the appeal of the old standby?
You start by taking out the garbage and the recycling: how to articles, file footage photos, product reviews and the like. Fuggem' we don't need no stinkin' product reviews!
Great fishing stories, original photos, west coast graphics and east coast attitude. Package it all in a feature filled flash player. The future in fly fishing mags? This Is Fly is it.


Alex said...

I couldn't agree more, this is fly is bad ass.

this is, uh, fly. said...

Thanks for the add! LOL!


crownroyalwoof said...

The content is great, but the "Vice Magazine" style graphics are sorta annoying.