Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dispatch From Rock Creek

From Ken via the Western Union:
arrived bitterroot flats 0100hrs sat [stop] chet and doc already set camp [stop] site #13 [stop] fishing good lots of baetis [stop] cutts browns and bows to 18 inches [stop] two days without brownsauce now [stop] thanks chet [stop] seen ten swamp donks [stop] no sign of the bull donk [stop] going to the big blackfoot [stop] just me and whizzo for 2 nights [stop] then back to rc to meet karl and colleen[stop] i hope they bring brown sauce [stop] regards ken [over]


Uncle tim said...

Trust me ole timey, remembering changing poopie diapers for a few years then taking Lola on a Montucky trip will more then make up for the saddness I feel in your post of having to miss year or two annual trips.

Flytimes said...

"miss a year or two of annual trips."
What's this 'or two' business all about?