Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Every Story Has A Beginning

dave perry photo

Thee Originoo Trouthole

And so it is written.
"So, at the local last evening, a plan was hatched... a big yakfest blowout involving all the scud draggers, their dogs, their gals, their probabtion officers, whatevah!"

"WT promised to use his pram as a giant beer cooler, tho he's stopped short of promising to fill the friggin' thing with beer"

"NEW NAME......Burning Pram."

It's been rolling downhill and gaining speed ever since.
See you there.


Snap said...

"Enraged with Pleasure2003"

Ha! I forgot about that.

befuddled said...

did trouthole lose weight, or is that just a bigass fish?

and why does my word verification have a handicapped symbol beside it? what are you trying ot say?

Flytimes said...

Bigass fish.