Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My copy of Fishizzle came in the mail today. So I did what any housebound father of a newborn baby would do, I immediately loaded it into the DVD player and watched it.
Fishizzle is not the typical MTV Sports inspired fly fishing adventure-fest that you may have seen lately. It has a plot, a thin one but a plot no less.
A former Alaska fishing guide now living in Seattle, Steve has a job at Wooligan's (Filson) and a girlfriend who he rents dogs and goes on ferry rides with. But he misses Alaska and wonders if having a 9 to 5 for the rest of his life is a good way to go. Though he never openly questions the relationship with his woman I have to think that somewhere in the back of his head Steve realizes that this chick is going to want to get married and have a baby some day. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.
To console himself Steve watches home videos that he shot over his 7 year stint in AK. Basically a very transparent way of injecting seven years (before editing) worth of fly fishing footage into the film. Which is totally okay because its, you know, ALASKA! and there's lots of giant rainbow trout and really big salmon. In fact the whole plot is itself just a vehicle for showing us all that fishing footage. Which is the reason of having a plot.
It's obvious that the filmmakers are going to show us a whole bunch of fly fishing footage, that's the point. That's why there's even a market for these things. But it's nice when someone takes the time package it all up in a nice little story. Rife with humor and bonus footage Fishizzle is all fun. Yeah sure there's some cheese in there but this film is laid back, like fly fishing is supposed to be.

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