Friday, November 30, 2007


Yesterday, I was finally able to take my new double hander out to the river. I only had a couple hours but had to get started sometime. I watched the DVD, gone over it in my head, I was ready.

"The most basic moves practiced over and over again become the most advanced moves."

Or something like that.

The first few casts were rough but I got the fly out there, which in the end is all that really matters. Then I slowed things down a bit and started thinking about the different parts of my cast. I worked on my pick up, then my anchor and "D" loop, and a little bit on the forward cast. Occsionally it would all come together and I would send a decent looking cast across toward the other side of the river.

Just as I was about to call it quits and head home to baby I met a guy from Michigan who had came out here to fish for steelhead for ten days.

"Do you fly fish?" I say.
"Yeah, for 18 years."
"Do you spey?"

Dude speys. Watching me cast he gives me some pointers, tells me to slow down. I've heard that about spey casting. "Go slow" they always say. Again he tells me to slow down, "slow on the pick up, slower." Then he shows me what slow is.

His pick up and back cast are in slo-mo, so un-fast that the line seemingly just hangs below the tip-top, barely enough motion to load the rod, back cast into a nice "D" loop then POW!, foward cast and the line lays all the way across the river.

Oh, that slow.

I repeat, "Suh-low" out loud and over and over again as he hands the rod back to me. I pick up and cast, laying the line out there. I slow down some more and cast again and again repeating my new mantra the whole time, "suh-low." It works and already my single spey is improving dramatically.

Thanks dude from Michigan, thanks a bunch.


bacon_to_fry said...

well, it's about gotdam time wally.

banknote said...

so how did your parents take the news?