Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gettin' The Spey Out

Spent a few hours practicing with the double hander this morn. Things are beginning to make sense and I've almost got a couple casts figured out. I actually even fished a fly through some holding water. Didn't catch anything but that's only 'cause there weren't any fish around. If I had caught a steelhead you can be sure that this post would be about something far more interesting than learning to cast the long rod.
Anyhoo, since I'm slowly turning into a spey nerd I've added a link to Spey Pages to the link column on the right. It's under "Forums, Bulletin Boards and News"
So there ya have it, now I'm off to the tool shed to color code my Delta Spey [line] with a sharpie.
Have good fishing,

Edit: I went out again Sunday (1/20) morning. The river was running low and clear at ~ 600 CFS, just low enough for me to cross. Lots of casting, no fish, added a third cast to my repertoire. At the end of the day, and back on the river left side I was shooting lots of line with a single spey. Good times, good times.


matt_stansberry said...

HA! Spey Nerd.

Rex said...

I've got the bug to get out there too. As challenging as casting is, I need to learn an easier way to catch and release!

Carl said...

Rex, just use barbless hooks! - doesn't get much easier than that!

giovanni_carlo said...

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Brian said...

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