Thursday, December 23, 2004

Rocky Ford Creek 12/22/04

Nope wasn't too far above the footbridge. Though he hooked a couple he had yet to land anything. I found a spot close to him and we BS's while we fished. Neither of us were having any luck at that spot so we walked back up to the main pool where I had landed three pigs earlier.
I was able to get into one more tank but that was it. A warden came by and checked our licences and flies to make sure the hooks were barbless. He also aked us how we were doing. I told him that I caught four fish he said that I was doing better than everyone else.
There were many times that day that I wished I had a rod set up for a dry fly. The midges were coming off in waves and the fish responded by rising to them. I have to admit I'm curious to see if one of those igs can be landed on 5x tippet.
All and all a good few hours of fishing.

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