Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tying Journal 12/28/04

I tied up some Firehole flies today; 1 doz Iris Caddis (#16) and 1 doz Poly Wing Duns (#20). Both of these flies were the top producers on the Firehole this past fall. The Iris was tied on the end of a 10 ft leader tapered down to 5x then a #20 BWO pattern was tied on a 24 in 6x dropper. The takes were evenly divided between the two flies which speaks volumes of the Firehole's unique character. Is there anywhere else in the West where Baetis and Caddis come off at the same time?
I also tied six hacklebacks in peacock on a 1x short, 2x strong, #10 hook. These have been my most succesfull carp flies over the past two seasons

Iris Caddis
Hook: TMC 900BL #16
Tail: antron yarn, pinkish orange
Body: Hare-Tron Dubbin, Lt olive brown #5
Shuck: Zelon, tan
Head: Squirrel SLF, golden olive

Peacock Hackleback
Hook: 075 Dai-Riki
Weight: .30 or .25 lead
Tail: Sili-legs, clear brown
Hackle: Dry fly hackle, brown, barbs must be longer than hook gap
Body: 4 or 5 peacock herls, twisted then wrapped

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