Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brown Trout Lake

Big Brown Trout Lake

Tucked away in a far and secret corner of this state is Brown Trout Lake. Most stories about Brown Trout Lake and its namesake valley are about hunting grizzly bears and mountain lions. Over the years I've only heard a couple of fishing reports from Brown Trout. They were rumors actually, vague tales whispered in the smokey back room of a Skid Row saloon. Really. For better or worse most folks have never heard of Brown Trout Lake. It sees very few visitors, offers no amenities and has probably taken the life of more than one casual sportsman. Trust funders and greenhorns please stay in your vehicles.


Anonymous said...

Does an inverted boat on the clark fork mean more experience or enforce stupidity. Clem

Colin Rich said...

I don't get it. Are you being obtuse?

Did ya fish it?

Looks like it fingers off there in the distance into something. Would'nt know though, being that you were a little lean on the descriptive portion of your blog post there, ol' timey!