Friday, June 08, 2007

Mad Trout

Don't confuse Brown Trout Lake with some lowland desert stock pond like Nunnally or Lenice. Brown Trout is a wilderness lake and the fish here aren't just wild, they're mad. Mad as hell. Mad that there's never enough to eat, never time to sleep and never, ever a place to hide from the next biggest fish.
There's a lot of water in 735 acres of lake. Throw in bright blue skies and intense heat and you got yourself a typical day in Brown Trout Valley. Fortunately Trouthole and me are fish hunters from way back, back when it was hard.


Salty said...

good use of the 6 P's WT and no flipped boat this time


Uncle tim said...

Aaahhh, nicely told WT. Been missing the good combal stories.

colin rich said...

So... good stuff, but you only caught a handful or because you guys meet both criteria as fish hunter and angler you caught more than two or three apiece or you learned from the first at this wilderness lake experience to become both next time?

Eithr way, thats why I keep comin' back here, despite the obfuscation.

Jorge said...

Nice blog.

Bye from Spain !

Bascoe said...

Hot damn another Basque or basque wannabe. What is it about you ole flytimey? You suck us in like flies to milk.

Flytimes said...

So I edited the hell out of this one. Got down to brass tacks as they say.