Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Flats Buggy Sails Again

Banks Lake Carp Flats

Nothing more than a glorified barge the Flats Buggy performs its duties flawlessly. When it comes to hauling my cooler, camera and a spare rod nothing beats the Buggy. As it turns out there wasn't much else to take a pic of, brutal day on the flats.


Uncle tim said...

WTF is "sais"? Cryptic west seattle speak?

Salty said...

I thought Thee "Porter" Trouthole was your preffered method of carrying stuff to the flats

Flytimes said...

This model is less. Weighs less, drinks less, snags less, lies less and contributes more gas money than the old model.

Flytimes said...

Regrettably it also has less anima.