Monday, August 20, 2007

Middle Fork

Middle Fork Snoqualmie

Me and Ken hiked up the Middle Fork the other day to do some small stream fishing. The forks of the Snoqualmie, like so many other headwaters on the Western Slope of the Cascades, are small trout waters. Up there a 14 inch fish is a lunker, a 16 incher would be a trophy catch. We only managed a bunch of dinks , a few went 8 inches, cutts and rainbows. Slogging streamers on the beach for tardy salmon can be tiresome so it was nice to fish dry flies on moving water for a change.

In other news Pete over at Fishing Jones is running a writing contest. Inspired by only six words from Papa Hemingway its a simple affair and should yield some intersting, albeit short, stories. Give it a swirl.

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blur said...

whhen are we gonna see some more of yer mad fly tying skills?